SkiTrotters Monthly Roundup – 25 March

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Stowe now included in the 2017/2018 Epic Pass!

The first announcement came out in February, with Vail Resorts acquiring Stowe Mountain Resort for a purchase price of $50 million. With the latest release of the 2017/2018 passes, it is all more official: Stowe is now Epic! Check out the 2017/2018 Epic Pass options. Try the online pass finder to pick the perfect Epic Pass that best suits your skiing needs.

Wild West terrain reopens at Sunshine Village after 3 years

The Wild West opened to the public for the first time in 2003. It has since then rivaled Delirium Drive as one of the most extreme off-piste experiences in Canada and North America. Thanks to Patrick Thorne at for broadcasting the news that with March snowfalls, The Wild West has just reopened for the first time after 3 years. Please refer to the Sunshine Village website for safety requirements, including all needed safety gear. Conditions are monitored on a daily basis and you can call the hotline +1 (403) 762-6511 or follow @ssvsnowsafety on Twitter.

Consider buying real estate on the European slopes!

According to Troy McMullen at Forbes, now is the perfect time for Americans to consider buying real estate in one of the many European ski destinations. The dollar is strong, and lots of interesting development projects are taking place in the Old Continent. Check out some of the locations that Troy McMullen scouted across Switzerland, Austria and France. If we dare adding a personal favorite (though we are not real estate experts by any mean) we would not overlook Alagna and the MonterosaSki resort: this little hidden gem has exploded over the past five years!

Party in style for end of season

Several ski resorts are approaching the end of the ski season: get ready to party in style and forget nostalgia! Read this post by Robert Purcell at GRINDTV to find out about four really epic events. Our personal favorite still is the World Pond Skimming Championships at Vail Resort!

Our favorite spring skiing resorts in North America!

And in case you are not ready to celebrate the end of the ski season yet, we will wrap up this weekly digest with a bit of self promotion! Check out the Ski Trotters post on our favorite Spring Skiing destinations in US and Canada

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