Life is better on the slopes About Ski Trotters

Welcome to, and thank you for reading our blog! Since you are here, we can only guess that we have something in common. As far as the two of us go, we are total ski lovers… border fanatics you could say!

We grew up in Italy and both skied the Alps since we were kids. We didn’t know each other then, and we were not certainly meant to meet on the slopes. In fact, we spent most of our childhood skiing at literally the opposite ends of the Alps.

Fast forward to 2011 we got married, crossed the Atlantic and moved to New York City. Here we faced a whole new challenge: where and how to go skiing? You would think that’s an easy task, but all of a sudden a weekend on the snow would entail taking flights, renting cars and equipment, evaluating destinations in different states not to mention countries and reading lots of reviews.

The first year was quite overwhelming… mission aborted! On our second winter in the US, we finally jumped on a flight to Colorado and we had a blast which hasn’t stopped since.

Reflecting back on our experience, we realized that a simple and curated resource would have helped us in discovering new destinations and planning our weekends on the slopes. But we couldn’t find readily available exactly what we believed was right for us.

We also wanted to share the tips we gathered first hand while visiting some of the best ski resorts in Europe and North America. Why wasting the precious information that otherwise would require a lot of research?

On this blog you will find information on our favorite resorts, suggestions on the best trips and activities, reviews of our preferred ski gear and plenty of useful tips.

This is why SkiTrotters was born. We would like to be that resource for all of you fellow skiers: not a comprehensive guide on every single aspect of skiing or traveling but something written by skiers, for skiers.



Mike grew up skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo a place so beautiful to become known as “The Pearl of the Dolomites”. Cortina is the site of 1956 Winter Olympics, the current Women World Cup SG and Downhill events and the 2021 Ski World Championships.  Cortina being in the Dolomiti Super Ski Area, allowed him to enjoy world famous slopes such as Olympia delle Tofane, Forcella Rossa, Saslong and Gran Risa.



Year after year, Marta enjoyed the slopes and the incredible backcountry skiing opportunities that Alagna has to offer. She experienced first hand how a little hidden gem became one of the most famous ski destinations in the country. Alagna is today part of the Monterosa Ski resort and has recently been recognized as one of the top 7 European ski resorts according to the National Geographic.